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Residential Construction process

Cover imageThe first formal Italian BIM Pilot venture for a Public Client is described.

BIM ended up being implemented involving the detailed design phase as well as the construction one.

An IFC-based BIM environment ended up being arranged to make usage of Model Checking and 4D BIM.

Advantages and limits of BIM execution in traditional approaches are explained.

Building Information modeling (BIM) represents a long-term financial investment that may enable time decrease and an expense improvement through optimised design and construction procedures. The report centers around initial official Italian Public Pilot Project, coping with the utilization of BIM-based validation and building optimization in a construction procedure. The case research problems a residential building positioned in a dense urban district, causing a confined construction site afflicted with area shortage and control issues. The research aims to apply an interoperable IFC-based process to offer the design and construction stages, performing higher level Model and Code Checking and analysing the building phase through 4D BIM. Architectural, structural, and MEP designs have been enriched with alphanumeric characteristics as required by semi-automatic validation processes. An auto-matching between BIM objects and building activities was also achieved. The first outcomes revealed the likelihood of a BIM-based semi-automatic validation of design choices and a greater control between design disciplines. Moreover, the building web site simulation permitted the contrast various layout options and baseline schedules. The investigation in addition tested the joint use of Model Checking and 4D BIM resources being analyse building progresses by exporting an IFC-based construction website setup straight from the 4D BIM tool. The tested procedure developed an open, interoperable, and multi-disciplinary approach. The main conclusions in regards to the domestic unique limitations tend to be explained and analysed.


  • BIM;
  • IFC;
  • Open Up BIM;
  • Interoperability;
  • Collaboration;
  • Model Checking;
  • Code Checking;
  • 4D BIM;
  • Building management

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