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This time we once again share our BIM advances in efficiency improvement using the services of Autodesk® Revit® without the need for Revit plugins. Just review, find out and streamline your workflow.

As a professional of structural engineering and Revit Structure professional just who provides consultations for Revit users, in this past year I’ve seen many roofs created in Revit by various users. So here I wish to spend some awareness of Revit’s roofs. You will find various ways to produce them, however may be interested in this trick not every person knows about.

It matters the manner in which you draw the boundary when working with Roof by Footprint command. There's two methods of carrying it out for 2 various results:

  1. Draw boundary by utilizing Line, Rectangle, Circle, etc. or Pick Lines options
  2. Create boundary with Pick Walls demand.

Boundary associated with roof will look equivalent, but properties and roofing height will be different if you look at all of them in the area view.

In picture below the thing is boundary defined by Pick Walls:

  • boundary for the roofing is restrained towards the wall space – in the event that you move the wall surface, roof boundary will be also relocated.
  • you are able to choose whether roof construction should be Truss or Rafter;
  • you are able to pick whether roof are Extended into wall surface (to core). This provides various placement associated with roof with building set-to Truss.

In next photo the truth is the exact roofing boundary drawn with Line command. Observe that there is no Truss/Rafter choice in properties and Extend into wall surface option is secured.

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