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Vice-president, Customer Experience

Beth features over 17 years encounter resolving the individuals side of technology business challenges, such as for example: tips provide a stellar client experience, drive use, reduce churn, increase MRR/ACV, and grow the partner ecosystem. She specializes in assisting emergent SaaS businesses develop client and companion success programs that enable people, and organizations, to ensure success with SaaS.

Before Pavia, Beth was the VP of Customer Success with VMG, a consulting company dedicated to professional solutions for cloud businesses. Acquired by Appirio, a cloud SI, Beth then aided determine and lead their buyer success/user adoption practice for Salesforce and Bing implementations. Beth has provided strategic consulting services to technology companies like Apple, Salesforce, Autodesk, Microsoft, Twilio and Jive, along with numerous tiny, fast-growing SaaS companies.

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