Construction Studies

Bachelor of building and Construction

Seminole State Construction people

The Profession

Successful construction managers have actually exemplary management abilities and capable prepare and conduct functions for effective construction jobs from design to occupancy. Usually, it works on significant projects with design and construction specialists, optimizing using manpower and products, solving issues and thinking creatively. Building managers must make use of obvious communication, teamwork and business.

The Program

Seminole State College’s Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in building, truly the only system of their kind in Central Florida, causes expert licensure as an over-all specialist (licensed GC- and/or Building Contractor) and tasks in high-demand fields.

Seminole State educates one to handle tasks from conception to conclusion. You'll study concept but in addition receive hands-on experience.

The Reason Why Seminole State?

  • Outstanding reputation: The College has been establishing building programs for longer than two decades.
  • Industry-driven curriculum: Courses, which focus on the latest industry trends, are based on the model set by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE), the professional benchmark for high quality U.S. construction education programs for five decades.
  • Dedicated professors: Faculty are "scholar-practitioners, " with industry knowledge plus scholastic credentials.
  • Hands-on experience: you are able to use your knowledge to real-world situations through co-ops and internships with leading employers.
  • Business help: The four-year system is industry-focused and sustained by the spot's construction frontrunners.
  • Award-winning facilities: you can expect to study in award-winning facilities and high-tech labs.
  • Neighborhood participation: You can participate in community projects, go to major construction internet sites and be a part of activities with neighborhood chapters of professional companies.

Profession Possibilities

Careers profiting from this level are among the list of fastest developing in the region. During the next eight many years, condition figures project about 2, 000 open positions annually in Central Florida.

A bachelor's level in building prepares you for those jobs:

  • Building/Construction Inspector
  • Building Supervisor
  • Expense Estimator
  • Expeditor
  • General Contractor
  • Green and Sustainable Construction Manager
  • Property, Property and Community Association Manager
  • Real-estate Developer
  • Safety Inspector
  • Safety Manager
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