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ID cards rf 1199Foreign businesses running in Norway are required to make certain that their workers at Norwegian building and building websites hold certain ID cards (“HMS-kort” / “byggekort”). Failure to comply with this necessity may lead to fines the business in question.

The ID cards should be purchased from a card company designated because of the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion. The ID cards will only be given if specific needs are satisfied. Unfortuitously, there are several difficulties foreign businesses conducting business in Norway may encounter undergoing purchasing ID cards.

Needs and difficulties

The objective of this post can it be to produce a general guide for foreign companies needing ID cards with regards to their staff members. We will outline what's needed which needs to be satisfied in order to receive the ID cards, but we'll target some useful challenges usually encountered whenever purchasing ID cards.

1. Enrollment of this international organization in Norway

The ID card laws need your foreign company must certanly be subscribed at the Central Coordinating Create Legal Entities (“Enhetsregisteret”)

After the foreign organization is registered it'll obtain a Norwegian organization number for identification functions.

In addition, VAT liable businesses must register at VAT register. Staffing companies must register within enter of staffing companies.

ID cards orderer2. Registration on Central Office for Foreign Tax Affairs (COFTA)

The next thing in the process of buying the ID cards would be to finish an important form labeled as RF-1199. The shape can be obtained at:

Form RF-1199 contains 2 components. Part hands down the type is for stating fundamental details about the foreign company’s contract in Norway. Part 2 associated with the kind is for stating the foreign employees, that will execute operate in Norway. The staff’ first day of work and last day's work are particularly essential for the process of purchasing ID cards. Simply because ID cards may be released limited to workers, that are registered with a working employment in Norway.

Form RF-1199 must be submitted on Central workplace for Foreign Tax Affairs (COFTA). Some international companies running in Norway make an application for simplified reporting as an option to filing RF-1199. Also businesses with simplified reporting need certainly to file RF-1199 before buying ID cards. Hence, it should be mentioned that applying for simplified reporting may be superfluous or counterproductive if ID cards will undoubtedly be ordered at a later time.

Once RF-1199 has been prepared by COFTA, the staff have to have their particular identities confirmed at a taxation workplace carrying-out identification verifications. More info with regards to ID verification offices is present at:

The staff will be supplied with a D quantity (a Norwegian identification quantity) after their ID confirmation. The D number is really important for ID card application process.

ID cards buyingForeign workers, who've formerly worked in Norway, may currently have a Norwegian D quantity. If the D number ended up being assigned ahead of the introduction of this identity confirmation requirement (before ), then the employee must finish an identity verification before an ID card are successfully ordered.

3. Registration of an “Orderer” of ID cards

At this point, the foreign organization features acquired a Norwegian organization quantity, and contract information and employee information was recorded to COFTA on type RF-1199. Furthermore, all staff members have done identity verification.

What is an Orderer?

Before ordering ID cards, an “Orderer” needs to be subscribed on card issuer’s site. The “Orderer” could be the individual who orders the ID cards, and who's got the duty to make sure that the details posted to the card provider is correct. The Orderer must be selected in one of workers reported on part 2 of form RF-1199. This staff member must have completed the ID verification and got a D number before registering as an Orderer.

Whenever can an Orderer be registered?

During subscription associated with the Orderer, 48 hours must have passed away following the employment was registered at COFTA, together with identification was validated. Trying to register the Orderer before 48 hours have passed will reset the clock, and another 48 hour period will quickly count from last unsuccessful try to register.

Exactly how if the Orderer be reported?

International organizations frequently access contracts with Norwegian customers, requiring the existence in Norway of countless international employees. Some foreign employees may happen to be Norway on a rotation system. In these instances, dilemmas may occur in the event that Orderer just isn't reported in Norway for about the same working duration as the other employees working here.

If as an example the Orderer is reported to COFTA with as his he can not be in a position to order ID cards for a member of staff who involves Norway on . The Orderer must certanly be reported with an ongoing doing work project in Norway so he might supply his peers with ID cards. Consequently, it could be preferable your Orderer could be the individual with the longest doing work assignment reported on Part 2 of type RF-1199. Some international businesses decide to report the Orderer with a functional assignment comprising the whole period for the contract in Norway, making him in a position to purchase ID cards to all the staff members.

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