Residential Construction

Building and Construction Technology

Students from all disciplines at UMass ought to finish a small in Building and Construction tech (BCT). See below for existing requirements (updated Spring 2016).

Built Environment:

  • BCT 150 – The Built Environment – Fall

Building Systems – 1 training course minimum:

  • BCT 204 – Construction Materials and techniques – Spring
  • BCT 211 – Energy Efficient Housing – Fall
  • BCT 304 – Properties of Wood – Fall
  • BCT 520 – Energy and structures* – Fall
  • BCT 540 – Design of Wood Structures* – Fall

Building Technology – 1 training course minimum:

  • BCT 311 – Indoor ecological techniques – Spring (2 cr.)
  • BCT 313 – Principles of Light Frame Structures Technology – Fall
  • BCT 314 – Construction Estimating – Spring
  • BCT 320 – Introduction to CAD for Construction and Architecture – Fall/Spring (limited access)
  • BCT 420 – Advanced topics in CAD & BIM* – Spring
  • BCT 530 – Mechanics of Building products for Construction* – Spring
  • BCT 597D – lasting Building & LEED Certification – Spring
  • Other BCT training course

*These courses have requirements

To successfully complete a minor in Building and Construction Technology, students must earn no less than 15 credits, choosing a minimum of 5 courses in 3 scholastic areas mentioned above. One course each is required from the Built Environment, Building techniques, and Building tech groups. All classes in the above list tend to be 3-credit programs except where noted. Become accepted into the Building and Construction small a student needs to be in great educational standing because of the University.

No requirements for mild could be taken Pass/Fail. All programs applied toward the minor should be taken on a graded foundation and all sorts of programs familiar with match the needs of minor needs to be finished with a grade of C or better.

Obtaining the small Added to your Transcript:

The BCT Minor is granted AFTER you have completed the mandatory 5 courses. There's no necessity to apply in-advance for “admission” toward small. Throughout the semester that you will be doing the small, please visit a faculty of BCT Program, or arrived at Holdsworth 125 and have the type “Declaration of an Academic Minor” finished and finalized for distribution into the Registrar. Following the Registrar processes this kind the small designation are put into your Official Transcript.

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