Green Building

Green building Construction

Cover imageEnvironmental signs for green building construction tend to be built.

Group-frontier technologies and meta-frontier technologies are believed.

Ecological performance on local and national amounts is compared.

Local heterogeneities tend to be more discussed at length.

Building construction is one of the largest last consumers of environmental resources in addition to among the biggest emitters of greenhouse gas as well as other air pollution. This paper is designed to propose ecological signs for green building construction by applying a slack-based information envelop analysis approach, which resource preservation and ecological security are both incorporated. We conduct an empirical evaluation of environmental indicators for green building construction utilizing Asia's local panel dataset during 1995–2012, and use the analysis to further discuss the technical gaps over the regions. The conclusions reveal that: (i) 50 % of China's provinces have a considerable potential increase of greater than 60per cent in environmental overall performance for green building construction; (ii) the created areas perform better than the establishing places; (iii) the 11th five-year program period is a turning point for Asia's green building construction and development given that policies for green construction have actually considerable effects.


  • Green building construction;
  • Ecological signs;
  • Meta-frontier technologies;
  • Slack-based efficiency measure;
  • Regional heterogeneities
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