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Commercial Construction Project pictureENERGY CELEBRITY is not only for current buildings. A huge selection of commercial building jobs have obtained recognition if you are built to be energy-efficient when built. Therefore efficient, indeed, that they’re made to Earn the power CELEBRITY.

Whenever a commercial building project achieves made to Earn the ENERGY CELEBRITY, it indicates that, once built, it's designed to do on the list of top 25 % of comparable structures nationwide. It will also satisfy EPA’s performance levels for comfort, lighting effects, and interior air quality.

For building owners, it’s reassurance which you won’t be left. Your building is designed to respond to the growing need for energy-efficient buildings from marketplace. It's competitiveness included in its basis with less power, costing less to use, and creating less greenhouse gasoline emissions. Find out more about why you should design your following building to earn the power CELEBRITY.

For architects, it’s a way to show leadership … which you discover how to deliver the interest in green and positive effect your projects can have in the combat worldwide warming for years in the future. See how you can design commercial buildings with assistance from ENERGY CELEBRITY.

The Power STAR Green The Blueprint Challenge!

In 2010, EPA is excited to acknowledge architecture/engineering (A/E) organizations for distributing projects that achieve made to make the ENERGY CELEBRITY. Join the Challenge, therefore we'll commemorate the Green Your Blueprint winners in-may on 2015 AIA National Convention, in Atlanta, GA.

Win the task in three categories!

1. Distribute many Designed to make ENERGY CELEBRITY projects.

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